Thursday, October 23, 2008

Everythings Bigger in Texas!

You have not lived until you have had a foot long deep fried corndog while listening to Honeybrowne play Texas Angel live in the background. We had a great night, Bryan and YaYa even did a little two-steppin....figure I better get it out of him now before he is horrified at the thought of being seen in public with me....much less dancing!!!!

Seriously, it was a beautiful night....clean, crisp air - which is a change from the hot muggy humid weather which is norm for South Texas. The wind off of the water was even a little nippy. Bryan had a great time, and enjoyed EVERY LAST BITE of his foot long, deep fried, heart attack on a stick (stick removed for safety, of course!).

And of course, Aunt Cathy worked the beer booth!

We THOUGHT he was tuckered out and so left to take him home for a much needed bath and bedtime....turns out it was YaYa and Grampa who were worn out. After a short nap on the ride home in Grampa's Mack truck, Bryan got his second wind and entertained the whole family until it was way past everyone's bedtime. We can watch this kid for hours!

Time seems to stand still when Bryan is there....everyone stops what they are doing to entertain him, or more so these entertained by him. We can never get enough. Hope you enjoy the video and pics as much as we enjoyed being there!


Destini said...

I can't believe he ate the entire corn dog! I love all the pictures, but he makes an adorable cowboy!

Kim said...

I love the video! He was so intent on that corndog it was priceless!
The picture of him in the monkey shirt and cowboy hat-oh Candi I just want to reach in and grab him he is so freaking cute!