Tuesday, September 16, 2008


After an exhausting few days, we are home. We drove in yesterday (4 hours) and watched nervously as the damage changed throughout our drive...limbs strewn about, then entire trees down, some REALLY large, then roof damage and store fronts with no glass left. Surprisingly, our apartment complex had very minimal damage. A few covered parking areas had the covers toppled over and there were trees and shrubs uprooted, and some siding strewn about. No water, no broken windows, no damage inside. HUGE sigh of relief, especially considering the fact that a few miles down the road people lost EVERYTHING. A large part of my family lives about 7 miles south of us, between us and Galveston and on the back side of Galveston Bay. Several of them have severe damage - one house has been turned the other direction and most others have water damage as storm surge filled the entire house. We drove down to check on things but were turned away as only residents were allowed to enter. The debris line was several blocks past the coast and several feet into the trees. But everyone is o.k. Things can be replaced.

It is interesting back in Houston. There is no electricity in most places, and if you have running water you are your neighbor's best friend. When Terry and I drove in yesterday, there were no working street lights and no gas to be found. Today there are lines for blocks for gas and ice. Grocery stores are beginning to re-open, but the smell from rotting food is wretched and they are only selling non-perishables.

Once we saw that the house was safe to stay in, we drove 4 hours back to Ingleside and I got up this morning and loaded Terry's truck with gas cans, ice and groceries and all the cash I could get out of the bank. and drove 4 hours back to Houston. I had to stop to fill up with fuel at each town along the way because I wasn't sure at what point I wouldn't be able to find it anymore. It ended up being about 100 miles outside of the city. The city is pretty much shut down so that people can clean up and clear away debris, find their loved ones, and for some - figure out what is worth saving. I am scheduled to return to work on Wednesday, but I am wondering if there will be electricity by then or if all the glass downtown will be cleared for pedestrians. It will be interesting to see how 4+million commuters will reach their destinations safely if there is no electricity for stop lights. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully things will have progressed by then, but for some areas I think it will be quite a while before things are returned to "business as usual".

Please include the people that were affected by Hurricane Ike in your prayers tonight. We could all use it. Thankfully, we got a nice little cold front that has brought relief from the heat. Texas with no electricity in 90+ degree heat, no running water and emotional stress is not a pleasant place to be. And I won't even mention the mosquitos. But people are pulling together and helping each other. That is what we do here.....help your neighbor.

I understand that some states in the northeast were still feeling the effects of Ike yesterday in the form of 70-80 mph winds. This guy really meant business! If you were one of those - I would like to hear about it.

Bryan was much better when I left. Casey and Traci did the saline solution/suction treatment and used Baby Vics and it seemed to be the magic combination. He slept the entire night and into the morning today. Although I didn't want to wake him as he needed rest, I had to hug and kiss him goodbye before I left. I won't see him again until AFTER his surgery and I am not very comfortable with that. We'll see if I actually make it without getting in my car and driving all night to be with him and Brandy and Casey while he is having surgery. I know will be needed much more afterwards, but we'll see if I make it.

Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts. Godspeed.

YaYa to Bryan


Caden and Mommy said...

I am so glad to hear you guys are okay ... I've been anxiously awaiting to hear from you! You will continue to be in my thoughts!

Destini said...

What a relief indeed! Yes, the Vicks vapor rub is wonderful - I used to put it on Trace almost everynight - but thankfully after he turned a year old it was like magic and all the colds and stuffy nose was pretty much behind us! I'm sure that Bryan will do fine and I'm sure you will be driving all night :).

melissa said...

I am so glad to hear that you came out on the good side. You are right about the far reaching effects of Ike, my dad in Ohio Sunday night was without power for hours with 50 mph winds and tropical flooding rains. He was none to happy to hear that Ingleside didn't get hardly any wind much less a drop of rain. I will keep you and Bryan in my prayers. Please be safe. Love Ya, Melissa

Jennifer said...

So glad you are all OK. How blessed are you that there was minimal damage to your apartment?! I have been following on the news and it's just so heartbreaking. I'll keep praying for all of you.

Kim said...

Candi, I am so happy to hear that your home is intact, but your post was heartbreaking. Natural disaters are terrible and cannot be blamed on anyone but Mother Nature. It seems that everyone is trying to band together. I really hope that progress is made quicker than expected.
As for Bryan, he is in my prayers too for a quick surgery. I am happy to hear he was sleeping a bit better! Hugs to you guys!

Tonya said...

I have been still following the developments from IKE. I am so glad you guys are OK!! Thinking of you often!