Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ooooooh, it's dark and spooky.....

I hear I missed your phone call - but while YaYa was working today and wondering what you were doing and how you are - a great idea came to her! Web cams. They are on their way, so soon I can see your face light up when you hear me!

Have you figured out how the light switch works yet? A thousand more times and we would have had the hang of it. You make YaYa realize how intriguing the simplest things can be. Can't wait to see you so we can play "oooooh, it's dark" again.

YaYa loves you, and misses you dearly. It's just not the same here without you. I hope you are having fun and getting to spend lots of time with your family. They are important and will always be there for you - you are a very lucky little boy - and we are a very lucky family that God chose us to receive such a special gift. Do you know that you are the glue that holds us all together? Some day when you are big I will tell you the story of how you changed our lives.

Good nite SugarBear. Sweet dreams and Godspeed.

I love you.

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