Thursday, June 26, 2008

Missing you...

I hope you had a great day today, filled with love and attention.

Today YaYa read all about the boys and girls you will know as you grow up and their experiences at the LPA National Conference. After reading about their time there, I really wish we could have gone. It would have been really nice to take you this year, and if your medical issues had not improved we definitely would have made it. You are so fortunate that all the people that love you bought you a lifetime membership so that you will always be able to be a part of something so special and unique. We have great friends and family - always remember that.

YaYa will be making plans soon to attend next year. Her very good friend Shelly lives in Maryland and hopefully will ride the train down with her boys to meet us in New York. You will love them, they are an awesome family. It is going to be a great time for us.

And I am so excited for you to meet all the kids you will be able to relate to as you are growing up. And most especially the boys you are so close in age to - Knoah, Owen, Cole, Preston - and who knows some day you may even take Kaela or Leah to your prom! o.k., I will stop with the embarassment now - after all I'm not a Grandmother, I'm a YaYa - way cooler.

We all love you and miss you and hope we get to see you soon. Sweet dreams tonight SugarBear and have a GREAT day tomorrow.

I love you.


Kim said...

As I sit at work with tears threatening, I just want to tell you -you are such an amazing woman. Not only do I want to meet Bryan, I want to meet you-because you are such a pillar of strength. Hang in there. Big hugs from me.

How Life Is Measured said...

Can't wait to meet you next year! Just an FYI, Bryan may have to fight Owen for Kaela and Leah!


Tonya said...

Candi- My eyes are teary!! I know how much you love that little boy! I can't imagine what you must be feeling or what Brandy as a young mom is going through. It has got to be hard. It is hard enough to find a place in this world where we fel like we belong with out reservations. I believe Brandy and Bryan will be back soon! Love binds us together, no matter how far apart we are!

Jennifer said...

Sending love and prayers. I read your posts everyday. Hi Bryan and Brandy. Hope you are well!