Saturday, November 8, 2008

They call me....THE CORN DOG KID

Bryan LOVES corndogs.

To set the record straight - I hate for him to have junk food, but this was a few days after surgery and we were letting him eat whatever he wanted, just so he would eat something. Shorly after this picture was taken, he projectile vommed all over me, including out his nose. Guess corndogs after surgery is not such a great idea after all.
He and his Grampa are sleeping now as I'm typing this. I have had a great day with him. Although he is still not as strong as he was pre-surgery, he is getting better and stronger by the day now. It really takes him time to recover from things.


Destini said...

OMG, he does love corndogs - I still can't believe he ate the entire footlong at the fair! Glad he is doing better, sorry about the puke. Trace projectile vomited all the time for the first year pretty much, so I definitely feel for ya!

Kim said...

Preston loves corndogs. He likes to bite into them and act all surprised that there is a hot dog underneath! Vomiting aside-he is by far one the cutest specimens of little boy! Ijust want to pinch those little nut cheeks. He is adorable!

Caden and Mommy said...

I love these pictures. Bryan is adorable with his corndog ... sorry he had to upchuck it up! UGH!

Hall Family said...

His hair is so adorable! We haven't tried corn dogs yet, but I bet they will be a hit with Parker.

Tonya said...

Poor Bryan. Throwing up is not fun, then to have it come out his nose too!! Oh the pain!!!

Jacob LOVES Corn Dogs!!!

mandymomof2 said...

Wow he does love him some corn dogs.

Corn Dogs always make me laugh because I think of Bill Engval with his dork fish joke.
If you don't know it it's on You tube.
So freakin hilariousness.