Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hospital Garb and Bed Head

6:30 a.m., YaYa can't finish her coffee (even though the ladies on the other side of the admitting office glass OBVIOUSLY have coffee in their cups) and you have extreme bedhead from the night before (YaYa has to teach you early about "gel"), yet you are still my happy, smiling Sugarbear. Of course, you had absolutely no idea what was in store for you....
After surgery, Bryan was not so pleasant. When he opened his eyes after waking up, if anyone was touching him other than Brandy, Casey or me....they got a REALLY dirty look. But word on the street is he is getting back to his normal, sweet self again. Going back tomorrow to kidnap him for the weekend...and hopefully sneak him a few gummy worms (his fave) from his Trick or Treat bucket.
If he feels well enough, YaYa and Grampa got him a special costume to put on and take pics on Grampa's new Harley. We'll see. And Brandy got him a Batman costume, because - you know Halloween is not complete unless you have 2 costumes! (See Katie - we're starting a trend!)
Hope all the kiddos out there have a rockin' Halloween. I CAN'T WAIT to see all the pics of the costumes. (hint, hint).
YaYa to Bryan


Caden and Mommy said...

Adorable pictures of Bryan. I love that Bed Head Hair! Glad to see he is smiling!

Hall Family said...

He is just too adorable! It is really amazing how fast they bounce back from surgery. Parker had the same 2 surgeries in July. The next day, he was acting like nothing ever happened. But, he HATED the ear drops. I hope you have a good weekend with him!

Katie said...

I can't wait to see his 2 costumes!! I think this is a trend that my work..just not for our wallets :)

Kim said...

I seriously cannot deal with him-his cuteness is so beyond words. That second picture is just precious! I am dying to see his Halloween pics. Enjoy sneaking him that candy this weekend!

Destini said...

So glad he was heathly enough for his surgery and bouncing back so fast - what could make it better than candy???? Well, maybe only squish, non-sharp candy! I'm sure he was the cutest kid in the hospital, and count me as waiting on the halloween pics!