Sunday, September 7, 2008

Random Dance Moves

3001 hits. For everyone who reads, has sent prayers and support and even those who remain anonymous, thank you for your support and taking time to share in our miracle. This wonderful little boy has changed our lives, and at the very least I hope he brings a smile to your day as you read about him. If you have not already, please sign Bryan's guest list at the bottom of the page so we know who you are!

Four more days, and YaYa is coming home! Good news, your Daddy is coming home too and he and Traci have a brand new house with a bedroom just for you. We are going to have so much fun decorating it! YaYa forgot her camera in Grampa's truck, so no pics to post until this weekend.

We are all so proud of you, you are doing so well and becoming so smart. And they way you bust out with random dance moves at the most unexpected times cracks us all up. We know you are getting a little nervous around strangers now, and we feel blessed that you want us when you are nervous or upset. So we have been being a little selfish for your sake, and keeping you all to ourselves so you can be comfortable and be yourself. We were so afraid you would forget about us, but from the look on your face when we roll into town it is apparent that you love us every bit as much as we love you.

Four more days, and we can read books and sing songs and make silly, goofy faces. Until then, Yaya loves you and misses you very, very much. Sweet dreams little man.



Traci said...

Hey I cant wait till you come down this weekend. We are starting to move in Tuesday. I cant wait to fix up bryans room. Casey (daddy) will be home Wend. Call me soon and hope you feel better.

Jennifer said...

Kisses for Bryan from his honorary Michigan grandma!

BRYAN'S YAYA said...

awwww...Jennifer you are so good to us! What a sweetie, Owen and Drew are lucky little boys to have such a special Grandma spoiling them. I cannot wait to meet you live and in person some day!

YaYa to Bryan